Is your thermoformer limited to button-snaps and retainers?

Meet Scott

Co-Founder, Sales & Managing Director

  • Do you find snap-buttons frustrating and outdated?
  • Has device security caused you project delays?
  • Are you tired of searching for the perfect snap-button force to please everyone? 
  • Would knowing transit testing results at the sample stage simplify project updates?

Product security is the primary objective of rigid trays.  While holding devices horizontally is easy, it’s the vertical direction that increases both project cost and time.

We’ve cracked the code on what causes design-to-market delays and increased development costs in the industry.  The SEEkey® patented system is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Contact Information:

Cell:  920.737.7312


Meet Mark

Co-Founder, Technical Director

  • Is cost reduction of interest to your organization?
  • Do your customers demand sustainability?
  • When is the last time you remember true innovation in packaging?

We offer a revolutionary packaging system that will transform your packaging:

  •  Significantly increased holding force enables reduced plastic usage through the elimination of covers and or downgauging of the base tray = lower cost and improved sustainability.  see more
  • Reduced part spacing results in more trays per case = lower cost.  see more
  • Improved device security results in less damage during shipping = lower cost

Give us the opportunity to develop an innovative packaging solution for your product.

Contact Information:

Cell:  585.330.5940



Scott brings the out-of-the-box ideas; Mark provides the way. Innovation has been and will be our driving force.

Thermoforming is a balance of art and science.  We believe innovation must also be part of the equation.  Our 65 years of combined experience brings a holistic approach, where we assess the benefits to customer, manufacturer, and end-user.  The key to balancing the risks inherent with innovation is proper planning with secure backup systems in place.

Our Commitment

We improve product security while providing analytics to substantiate the sustainability of each design.  

How We Help

Base Tray Design

Solidworks CAD

Regardless of your company’s size, this is a must-have, as it’s a staple in our industry.

Experienced GIG Designers

Are you ready for the GIG workforce?  It’s fast, efficient, and best of all, brings experienced professionals who are motivated to provide positive experiences and results! 

Poka-Yoke Design Review

Design review is more than an ISO requirement or an obligatory checking-of-the-box.  Since Mark and Scott make the samples, they have a vested interest in proper desgn.

Tray Development

Design Verification


This capability provides credence to our innovative ideas and allows you to sleep better by knowing your downstream transit testing is staged for success.

Machine Capabilities

Maximum part length: 60″

Maximum part width: 24″

Maximum part height: 10″

Soft and Hard Tooling

Quick printed, REN Shape, or aluminum tooling. Your requirements determine the media to be used. We’ll make sure you don’t get locked into a tool type until your needs are fully understood.

SEEkey Parts & Tooling (In-Stock)

Our products are on the shelf so we can provide 100% concentration on what we love doing most: designing and developing your project.

Design For Manufacturing

DFM is critical.  However, to many this only means successful transit testing between docks. SEEkey® allows for device security immediately after device insertion–not just at the final step of transit.


Any design type

Our assistance continues long after the design development is complete.  Regardless of the chosen design, we are here to assist.  

Base Tray Supplier Selection

We’ve built an extensive network within the industry  allowing us to leveraging our connections to offer you a wide selection of thermoformers– based on specialty or location to reduce transit costs. We can help evaluate your project requirements to ensure the best selection for your project.

REAL Root Cause & Corrective Actions

Many OEMs feel they’re at the mercy of their suppliers.  They’ve been asked to change specifications after validation, or have multiple CAPA’s on the same tray.  Allow us to act as mediator in order to advocate for proper corrective action.

Tool Transfer Assistance

Most OEMs feel uneasy when transferring a tool between suppliers.  We have experience  working with all dynamics involved and will ensure line continuity.


On-site Validations

The benefits of having an on-site advocate for tool validation are invaluable.  Our experience allows us to verify:

  • value, function, and life of your tool 
  • no inferior materials are being used 
  • which components of the tool belong to you versus your thermoformer
  • plastic distribution between each cavity
Risk Assessments
  • Drawing Stack Tolerances
  • Gauge Optimization
  • CTQ Designations
  • FA Designations
  • Tool Design
  • Plastic Selection
  • Plastic Flow


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