Preloaded Trays

Whether you’re in an emergency room or a routine exam room, no medical professional wants to inadvertently touch a $30,000 medical device.

Utilizing proprietary SEEkeyMD® Retainers, our preloaded trays allow sterile nurses to quickly access and dispense devices with the simple press of a thumb.


Preloaded Trays

Whether you’re in an emergency room or a routine exam room, no medical professional wants to fumble with medical device packaging.

Utilizing our proprietary SEEkeyMD® Retainers, our preloaded trays allow you to quickly access and dispense a device with the simple press of a thumb.

MDM Verified Savings Using SEEkey™

Sheet Thickness
Hospital Footprint
Package Assembly

The SEEkey Essentials

Innovative and easy-to-use solutions by SEE Forming will provide better device protection, reduce mishandling and create significant cost savings.

Designed to be stronger and lighter, pass validation quicker and use substantially less plastic.

SEEkeyMD® Retainers

Small yet versatile, secure your products without burdensome snap-buttons and covers.

SEEkeyMINI Retainers

Slide to open or lock in place, this mini adds major functionality to medical device packaging.

Anatomy of Perfect Package Design

Ready to improve device protection and reduce packaging plastic?

SEE Forming solutions use from 14% to 33% less plastic while improving package integrity.

Rigid Trays

All medical device packaging is designed to protect your products – but that’s where the comparison ends. Most rigid trays are cumbersome. Constructed using thick plastic with snap buttons and retainers, they are inefficient and hard to use. Rigid trays by SEE Forming address these issues and more.

Benefits of SEE Forming Rigid Trays:

  • Uses from 14% to 33% less plastic and incorporates easy-to-use SEEkeyMD® and SEEkeyMINI

  • Packaging easily passes transit testing, eliminating extensive redesigns

  • Easier to transport, store and use

  • SEEkeys can arrive preloaded in tray, with no impact on .25” nest height

SEEkeyMD® Retainers

This is the game changer the industry has been searching for. By incorporating the SEEkeyMD® into your medical device packaging design, you’ll reduce plastic usage, enhance product protection, decrease packaging costs and increase end-user satisfaction.

Benefits of Utilizing SEEkeyMD®:

  • Keeps product securely in place and unlocks easily with one press

  • Frees your products from the need for snap-buttons and covers

  • Significantly reduces plastic, makes it easier for end users to extract products

  • SEEkeyMD® retainers are affixed to the plastic tray ensuring they don’t get lost in the O.R.

SEEkeyMINI Retainers

Smaller doesn’t mean less effective. The SEEkeyMINI provides the same protection and easy of use as the SEEkeyMD® with a smaller profile. Simpler to use than a light switch, the SEEkeyMINI simplifies packaging design, reduces plastic usage and provides the ultimate in device protection.

Benefits of Utilizing SEEkeyMINI:

  • Smaller profile, easily slides to open or locks in place

  • Reduces frustration for end users

  • Better for the environment

  • SEEkeyMINI retainers are affixed to the plastic tray ensuring they don’t get lost in the O.R.

Ready to see what SEE Forming can do for your package design?

SEE Forming Services

Design better medical device packaging, use less plastic and create significant cost savings.

Regardless of your company’s size, this is a must-have, as it’s a staple in our industry.

Are you ready for the GIG workforce? It’s fast, efficient, and best of all, brings experienced professionals who are motivated to provide positive experiences and results!

Design review is more than an ISO requirement or an obligatory checking-of-the-box. Since Mark and Scott make the samples, they have a vested interest in proper design.

This capability provides credence to our innovative ideas and allows you to sleep better by knowing your downstream transit testing is staged for success.

  • Maximum part length: 60″
  • Maximum part width: 24″
  • Maximum part height: 10″

Quick printed, REN Shape, or aluminum tooling. Your requirements determine the media to be used. We’ll make sure you don’t get locked into a tool type until your needs are fully understood.

Our products are on the shelf so we can provide 100% concentration on what we love doing most: designing and developing your project.

DFM is critical. However, to many this only means successful transit testing between docks. SEEkey allows for device security immediately after device insertion–not just at the final step of transit.

Our assistance continues long after the design development is complete. Regardless of the chosen design, we are here to assist.

We’ve built an extensive network within the industry  allowing us to leveraging our connections to offer you a wide selection of thermoformers– based on specialty or location to reduce transit costs. We can help evaluate your project requirements to ensure the best selection for your project.

Many OEMs feel they’re at the mercy of their suppliers. They’ve been asked to change specifications after validation, or have multiple CAPA’s on the same tray.  Allow us to act as mediator in order to advocate for proper corrective action.

Most OEMs feel uneasy when transferring a tool between suppliers. We have experience working with all dynamics involved, and we have a system in place for ensuring line continuity.

The benefits of having an on-site advocate for tool validation are invaluable. Our experience allows us to verify:

  • Value, function, and life of your tool
  • No inferior materials are being used
  • Which components of the tool belong to you versus your thermoformer
  • Pastic distribution between each cavity
  • Drawing Stack Tolerances
  • Gauge Optimization
  • CTQ Designations
  • FA Designations
  • Tool Design
  • Plastic Selection
  • Plastic Flow

Ready to optimize your medical device packaging?

SEE Forming Examples

Device Trays


ABS is a cost-effective material for OEMs to mold their devices. However, the challenge when using this material is to eliminate fine particulate which has surfaced during transit testing simulation. A cover is not effective because there will be clearance between the device and tray and/or cover. Snap-buttons pose what we call “the Goldilocks challenge”: the almost unattainable goal of finding insertion, hold and tug out removal forces that aren’t too strong or loose – they are just right. In a surgical setting, a nurse must tug or hold while the other is applying a counter pulling action.


SEEkeyMD® compresses the device between the tray and the key, so they all move together during testing, eliminating the particulate. The nurse now needs only a 1.5-pound press to release the device from the tray.

Handling Tray


A CAPA was issued for a tray cover packaging method which has high product loss. The packaging works well for dock-to-dock shipping and transit testing. However, it doesn’t encompass security during assembly. Ironically the tugging and pulling action to fasten and release the tray and cover is the main culprit of product loss.


SEEkeyMD® provides a simple yet innovative method which traditional thermoforming cannot accomplish. The tray provides 100% product containment immediately after each device is inserted.

2 Piece Long Catheter


2-Piece Long Catheters bend, have weak join, and use too much plastic


SEEkeyMINI when used with SEEjoin (our beam strength and joint design), reduces plastic by 29%.

Serving Platter


Angie (scrub nurse): “The defibrillator-like devices are expensive, small and hard to handle.” She requested an alternative transfer method for maximum control, eliminating the need to touch the device.


A design within the same footprint and has all the handling and control elements suggested.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“[SEEkey™] allows the end user to remove the device freely and safely from the tray, as opposed to the ridge tray designs that have overly aggressive snaps for device security resulting in potential damaged products and frustration through the end user having to aggressively pull, twist, bend, shake, and even pry the device from its package. Therefore, it is my opinion that this new design increases efficiency and the end user satisfaction while minimizing the sterile field waste.”

Charles Kanazeh – Associate Director, Labeling & Packaging Engineering – BD Interventional – Surgery

“You don’t see something this revolutionary in the (plastic) film area. The cost-saving potential and the design aspect – it is really impressive. I mean, it’s just something really different. This is something that you could talk about that’s totally above and beyond what the other companies have. It’s great, great design.”

Steven Bakus – Senior Packaging Engineer, BD Surgery Packaging Engineering

“The product security that the SEEkey offers is second to none. It cuts down on development time substantially – I’m talking 50% or greater. And then the environmental benefits are unmatched. The reduction in plastics is just outstanding, and as we continue to move toward sustainable solutions, I think SEEforming could play a major role.”

David DiVaccaro – DiVaccaro Consulting Group, LLC

“SEEkey™ is the first real design innovation in our business. I’ve been in this industry for almost 28 years now. This is the first real pure design innovation allowing us to offer you know real sustainable solutions which allow for savings in plastic and improved packaging functionality. It is quite helpful from a pricing and usability standpoint.”

Lee Krueger – Account Executive, Merrill’s Packaging

It’s Easy to Get Started

We’ll discuss your plastic packaging needs and review current CAD model/drawings.

We’ll develop a prototype, source manufacturers, and guide you through the production process.

Your packaging will be lighter, less expensive, easier to use and more eco-friendly.