On a mission to help the planet (and packaging designers)

SEE Forming was founded with a very specific mission: Improve device security, while reducing plastic. Co-founders and package design experts Scott Sadowski and Mark Erickson were surprised with the amount of plastic used for medical device trays that isn’t being used in other markets with heavier products.

Wanting to help reduce waste and create opportunities for medical device companies to cut spending, they developed the SEEkey™ – a proprietary device that is averaging a plastic weight reduction of 44% and 52% pallet reduction, while improving the security and release of device. 

Meet Our Team

Scott Sadowski

Co-Founder, Sales & Managing Director

Scott has been on a mission to reduce plastic usage for more than 25 years. But what makes Scott a superb strategic partner is his ability to improve products from both an engineering and sales perspective. A natural-born problem solver, Scott works with plastic packaging designers to create groundbreaking solutions for design, handling, logistics, cost and supply chain issues.

Mark Erickson

Co-Founder & Technical Director

One of the top design engineers in the thermoforming industry, Mark has been working to minimize plastic usage in packaging for more than 35 years. With extensive experience in packaging and tooling design for the packaging industry, Mark takes Scott’s “crazy ideas” for medical device packaging and makes them a reality.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“[SEEkey™] allows the end user to remove the device freely and safely from the tray, as opposed to the ridge tray designs that have overly aggressive snaps for device security resulting in potential damaged products and frustration through the end user having to aggressively pull, twist, bend, shake, and even pry the device from its package. Therefore, it is my opinion that this new design increases efficiency and the end user satisfaction while minimizing the sterile field waste.”

Charles Kanazeh – Associate Director, Labeling & Packaging Engineering – BD Interventional – Surgery

“You don’t see something this revolutionary in the (plastic) film area. The cost-saving potential and the design aspect – it is really impressive. I mean, it’s just something really different. This is something that you could talk about that’s totally above and beyond what the other companies have. It’s great, great design.”

Steven Bakus – Senior Packaging Engineer, BD Surgery Packaging Engineering

“The product security that the SEEkey offers is second to none. It cuts down on development time substantially – I’m talking 50% or greater. And then the environmental benefits are unmatched. The reduction in plastics is just outstanding, and as we continue to move toward sustainable solutions, I think SEEforming could play a major role.”

David DiVaccaro – DiVaccaro Consulting Group, LLC

“SEEkey™ is the first real design innovation in our business. I’ve been in this industry for almost 28 years now. This is the first real pure design innovation allowing us to offer you know real sustainable solutions which allow for savings in plastic and improved packaging functionality. It is quite helpful from a pricing and usability standpoint.”

Lee Krueger – Account Executive, Merrill’s Packaging

It’s Easy to Get Started

We’ll discuss your plastic packaging needs and review current CAD model/drawings.

We’ll develop a prototype, source manufacturers, and guide you through the production process.

Your packaging will be lighter, less expensive, easier to use and more eco-friendly.